International Association Against Psychiatric Assault
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International news
Italy: Foucault Tribunal provokes strong public debate
History, until 1948
Degenerate Art and Mad Art
by Carl Schneider. How doctor Nazis planned to exterminate modern art.
NEW! Neo-Nazi Eugenics - Many anti-fascists turn a blind eye?
by Rene T
Psychiatry during the Nazi era: ethical lessons for the modern professional
by Rael D Strous
Killing by starvation in the institutions and other previous crimes of psychiatry
by Ernst Klee
Book review of Foucaults "Madness and Civilization"
by Edgar Z. Friedenberg
The Dispositive of Psychiatry
by Gerburg Treusch-Dieter
The Care-Based Ethic of Nazi Medicine and the Moral Importance of what we care about
by Warren T. Reich
Stanislaw Lem - Obituary
Author of the first novel based on the medical mass murder

by René Talbot
History, 1948 - 2002

Talking back to Psychiatry: Resistant identities in the psychiatric consumer / survivor / ex-patient movement
by Linda Joy Morrison

The troubled relationship between Psychiatry and Sociology
by David Pilgrim and Anne Rogers
Against the bio-medical model:
In The Name of Mental Health: The Social Functions of Psychiatry, a critique of coercive-medical psychiatry
ree e-book by Ron Leifer
Psychiatry and the Dominance of the Bio-medical Model
by John Cooper
Mental Disorders are not Diseases
by Thomas S. Szasz
Medicating Normality: The Psychiatric Colonization of Childhood
by Antony Black
The Neurosciences, Prescription Privileges, and A Little Bit of Sugar Still Don’t Make The Medicine Go Down
by Patrick B. Kavanaugh, Ph.D.
The Myth of the Reliability of DSM
by Stuart A. Kirk & Herb Kutchins
The Answer on the Mind-Body Question as a Crucial Means for Social Control and Oppression
by René Talbot
Resistance Matters. The Radical Vision of an Antipsychiatry Activist
by Don Weitz
The Myth of Mental Illness
by Thomas S. Szasz (1960)
A Critique of Medical-Coercive Psychiatry
by Ron Leifer
The Case Against Psychiatric Coercion
by Thomas S. Szasz
Mental Illness: From Shame to Pride
by Thomas S. Szasz
Psychiatric Imperialism: the Medicalisation of Modern Living
by Joanna Moncrieff
Mental Illness: Psychiatry's Phlogiston
by Thomas S. Szasz
Martial metaphors and medical justice: Implications for law, crime, and deviance
by Bruce A. Arrigo
The Accusation of the Russell Tribunal
by Thomas S. Szasz and George Alexander
Shrinking the Freedom of Thought
by Richard Gosden
Leonard Frank: my case against ECT
What to do next?:
Speech at the Protest Rally against the WFMH on the 22nd of July 2001 in Vancouver
by René Talbot