International Association Against Psychiatric Assault 

 Spechtweg 1, 4125 Riehen, Switzerland
The association is a Human Rights organization that opposes psychiatric coercion and aims to abolish psychiatric coercive measures altogether, promoting the fundamental rights of self-determination, liberty, and human dignity.
Proclamation of a reform process at an international and national level with the following points: 

A path to liberation 
An agenda for international progress nation by nation

We proclaim a reformative procedure which includes a revolutionary progress:  
A) Ideologically, the UN-CRPD has clarified the issue that coercive psychiatry is a violation of human rights and has become illegitimate and even illegal in states that have ratified it. 
B) However, this does not mean that it has lost the power to enforce its practices of coercion and violence. Its power must therefore be broken in everyday practice. To this end, we propose: 
  1. A bullet-proof option to opt out of the coercive system, guaranteed by a national law (using a PAD, e.g. a PatVerfue). 
  2. Decriminalisation of psychiatric assessments, abolition of forensic psychiatry and transformation into non-violent psychiatry
  3. Abolition of all special laws on mental illness and guardianship against the declared will of the individual. 
  4. Compensation for the harm caused before step 3 is reached. 
All four steps must be achieved on a state-by-state political level and each step must then be backed up by lawyers who will defend it against challenges from courts, psychiatrists and politicians.

                                            Resolution by the General Assembly of IAAPA 16/1/2024

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